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Obligatory Blog Intro Post (aka: what the hell do I know?)

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Since this is a revamped blog for me, I figured I should introduce myself and explain why you should read it, yeah? Yes.

Did you know that you can be happy every day? No shit, it’s a real thing. You can sleep well, not be tired all the time, feel great in your own body, and more importantly-your own mind. You can live a better life pretty much all the time. That sounds like I’m about to sell you diet pills or a unique sweat lodge experience (I’m not!) but it’s all true.  I didn’t believe it, but sure as hell do now.

I thought I was just late to the party but, turns out, I’m one of the first few guests.

Why should you listen to me?

I’m a 39 yr-old former ballerina of 20 years, former professional photographer, former bartender, and now (so much more happily!) yoga/ meditation instructor.  I became a yoga instructor after using yoga & meditation to seriously kickstart my own emotional healing and have made it my life to give that gift to others.

I’ve had many injuries, I’ve had to work to fix them by myself because of financial constraints.  I’ve had migraines since I was 14 and host of other physical issues that I thought, for a very long time, I just had to live with. I’ve picked up my shit and moved all over the country when I felt like it and had to start over each time, and it’s been very, very hard (but worth it!!) each time. I’ve dealt with tremendous personal loss, major self-esteem issues, severe depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, extreme physical pain, emotionally abusive/ narcissistic relationships (yes, plural) and I’ve pulled myself out of all of it, almost entirely on my own. I also research my ass off; any information I share is well-informed between my own vast experience and the desire to learn more.

What am I sharing on this blog?

The general idea is to share information that will help you take care of yourself-mind, body, & soul. Info to help you be happier, feel amazing, and live a better life...in a way that makes sense to people that aren’t in a spiritual industry or mindset. Anything I post about is something I swear by or believe with every fiber of my being and have worked with myself.  I spent a very long time feeling kinda like shit every single day for about 23 years and it took me until age 35 to really start to change in a permanent way, partly because I just didn’t know better, and partly because I had to hit ROCK BOTTOM to make the kind of massive change I did. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, energy work, “personal therapy”, fitness/ injury-related, diet & nutrition, your own mind control, decision-making, self-confidence boosting, or just how to keep your skin from peeling off your face during the upcoming Winter misery, I want you to know how you can fix or change anything that you want to about your life. It is all in your hands. If I’ve done it, you can absolutely do it and the differences are unreal.  

I live by the idea that if you want to feel better rather than look better, that's how you make a permanent lifestyle change. If you can transform your fear of failure into a fear of regret, you will drastically change every decision you make. I really, truly want that for everyone and will do my best to give you that.

So, please-read on! Subscribe to my newsletter for additional weekly(ish) good stuff, upcoming classes, workshops, and posts. Ask me questions! Suggest a topic you want me to post about! Follow my Instagram: @melaney_wolf. Let me help you be happy every day-because you really can be happy everyday.

I am not perfect and don’t pretend to be. I’m more of a “realist yoga instructor”. I don’t pretend to be someone else and I’m always a “work in progress”. I will not Ohm your face off, but I will keep it real. And when I say that the divine light in me sees and appreciates the divine light in you, I mean that shit. ❤️

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