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What Is Integrated Yoga Healing?

Did you know that the full practice of yoga can be an irreplaceable tool to change your whole life???!!!!! Let me explain...

Yoga, with all of its 8 different aspects (as described in this previous post), is a practice of self-healing, self-discovery, and self-help.

That being said, I found this out by accident (but not really 😉) by a deep, desperate need to pull myself out of a depression that was going to the depths of rock bottom very quickly and the process that’s unfolded for years after.

Through journaling and open, honest writing I was able to start expressing every little thing inside me. I used to do this way back and forgot why I stopped and also why I was censoring myself when I started again, like someone else was going to read it. That led me to ask myself why I wasn’t writing something down that I truly thought, like it wasn’t just for my eyes. Asking that question kicked off the last 3 years of intense and incredible healing of my shit through the use of journaling, pranayama, yoga asana, meditations, and eventually reiki. My yoga teacher training exposed me to the true embodiment of yoga; the life-changing healing work. This process has been incredible and hard AF and amazing. I am a different person now.

This is what led me to create Integrated Yoga Healing; private sessions where I take people through all of those processes but together, back-to-back, with guidance the whole way through and, hopefully, giving others the same intense personal discovery and wound healing that I got, but in a more structured and methodical way.

The reason this is different and, in my opinion, better than regular therapy is

1. You’re doing this all yourself, which is one hell of a feeling and it’s so fucking empowering

2. No matter what you uncover about yourself while seeing a therapist, you still have to remove it from the deepest depths of your soul, memory, psyche, and also from your body.

If you’re familiar with the idea that your body remembers your traumas, teeny or huge, long after your brain forgot them, then you know what I’m talking about. This is easily seen in persistent stomach issues, gastrointestinal issues, pain, headaches, allergies, etc. It also shows as general stress, anxiety, and the physical sensations that come with them (tension, muscle soreness/ tightness, nervous stomach flutters...) This article has a great explanation.


Integrated Yoga Healing gives you the full package:

-the realizations of why you respond, react, act, behave, attract to yourself, end up with...all the things and ways that you do what you do through questioning, writing, meditation, writing more. This will carry beyond the time you spend with me.

-Getting it moving out of your body permanently through intense breath work, different types of yoga classes, other meditations, and some reiki energy work.

The result and the feeling of having realized something profound about your life and then releasing it from all of you is unbelievable. It’s almost addicting. It gets exciting. I have said more than once “OMG! It feels amazing to not feel this anymore. What’s next??!! What do we get rid of next??!!”. It feels that good and once you clear it, it’s just gone. Forever! Like a massive invisible weight being lifted off you.

It‘s not easy. I’m fact, I can guarantee you it will be very difficult at times. But not nearly as difficult as carrying the deep baggage-y shit around for the rest of your life.

Email me at for more info or to sign up for a session. I want to get this rolling FOR YOU and I’m so excited for you to feel incredible. ❤️ I‘m offering this remotely, at your home, &

at; you don’t have to be in NYC to work with me!

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