Holistic Healing For The Mind, Body, & Soul

with Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, 

Breathwork, Journaling, & Self-Reflection practices.


Integrated Yoga Healing 

is a holistic system of mindfulness-based practices that work with the whole person;

mentally, physically, emotionally, & energetically,

to heal from
**emotional abuse, C-PTSD,
depression, anxiety, and chronic stress**
We'll work to uncover the root causes of the deeply-hidden traumas & wounds
that leave us vulnerable to emotional abuse or toxic relationships with
romantic partners, friends, bosses, and parents.
These wounds can also show up as anxiety, depression, anger & rage,
running thoughts, insomnia, low self-worth, trouble setting boundaries,
people pleasing, and chronic physical health issues. 
This practice allows us to take control of our lives in a more complete way than
talk-therapy alone can, without relying solely on a psychiatrist or psychotherapist for help.
It is, however, an incredible addition to any existing counseling already in place.   






**All modalities are available as individual classes & trainings to assist you with 

beginning or enhancing your personal yoga, meditation, mindfulness,

journaling, or breathwork practices, as well as in-person and distance reiki healing. 



Private & group sessions 


in NYC & Online

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Integrated Yoga Healing




A personalized, holistic, yoga healing practice: incorporating guided journaling, meditation,

yoga asanas, breathwork, and self-realization practices.

Private sessions are catered

to your specific needs.

Group sessions will focus 

on a particular theme.


Private or Group Yoga




Begin or enhance your personal

yoga practice from the ground-up with mindfulness-based yoga: focusing on awareness

of body & mind,

pranayama (breathing),

proper alignment,

and the 8 limbs of yoga.

 Yoga works to balance your energy centers, balance the nervous system, create calm, & focus


Meditation Class

Private or Group 




Begin or enhance your meditation or mindfulness practice with guided instruction

and detailed learning about the benefits they provide.

Both work to create a sense of calm, better focus, clarity, awareness, and reduction of

stress & anxiety

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