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Workshops & Events!

(All online until further notice!)

Image by Sabine Schulte

Open For Registration!

Wed 11/10 & Sat 11/13
      Managing Burnout

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**Classes are via Zoom Wednesday evenings & Saturday afternoons (same class twice a week), but subject to change. They are approximately 90-minutes and a different topic is covered each week & a recording is available to download if you’re unable to attend!**

Give yourself the gift of a mental, emotional, physical, and energetic change! When we have the tools to be able to deal healthily with whatever is going on with us, it can free us from being trapped with it. It's an amazing life shift and you deserve that.


Integrated Yoga Healing is a holistic healing process that can help us begin to stand in our power and take our lives back from whatever robs us from living a peaceful, happy life. It combines guided journaling, pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga class (yoga asana), meditation, affirmations, shadow work, & reiki energy healing to help us recognize the root causes of our behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and actions and start the healing process of working through them and then, ultimately, releasing them for good; letting us recreate our lives in a healthy way that improves our own well-being. 

Based on the core tenants of the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, we start with figuring out the beginning causes of our stress, depression, anxiety, overthinking, insomnia, or any other nervous system-based condition, then we move that stuck energy through and out of our bodies, giving us a profound shift in our mindset, mental and emotional health, and helps us to regulate our responses and reactions to the world around us. 

•Journal prompts ask the questions that get us to investigate ourselves. 

•Pranayama teaches us to manipulate our breathing, our energy, and regulate our nervous systems.

•Yoga asana also regulates our nervous system, improves heart rate variability (how quickly we recover from a stress response), moves that energy through our bodies, releases tension & emotional blockages, and allows us to expel excess energy.

•Meditation helps us to “rewire” our brains and maintain a more calm, focused state on a regular basis.

•Reiki energy healing promotes our own natural healing abilities on a mind,physical body, & energetic      level.

These are the exact modalities that helped me to work through emotional abuse, chronic stress, severe anxiety, anger issues, insomnia, physical pain related to all of them. Each practice has profound effects on our healing but when put together in an intentional way, they are tremendously more powerful and effective. Because of these practices, I'm a different, happier, more calm person today. 

Every week has a different “theme” or subject matter and covers the stressors that we all deal with on a regular basis from needing to control the things we can’t, to overworking, overthinking, people-pleasing, etc.


You'll need: 

-A notebook or paper to write on

-A yoga mat or something similar and comfortable for you to use for grip of hands and feet

-A couple pillows you don't mind having on the floor

A Zoom link will be sent after sign-up and recording is provided after, so you don’t need to attend class in person!


Follow @integrated_yoga_healing on Instagram for any class changes, weekly subject matter, and other scheduled classes!

Past Events


*Currently available as 
pre-recorded course*

6-Week Series

Integrated Yoga Healing for
Emotional Abuse Recovery

This 6-week series consists of weekly, 2-hour sessions of discussion, journaling exercises, mindfulness, pranayama (breathing), yoga asana class, and meditation to work into and through the effects of emotional abuse. In these sessions we'll practice radical acceptance, learn about trauma-bonding, release self-blame, begin shadow-work, and take our sense of personal power back.  Session recordings, weekly follow-up exercises, and a private Facebook group will be included to all participants. 

 NYC | 2020
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