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6-Week IYH for Emotional Abuse Recovery

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Emotional abuse is rampant and happens to so many of us at one time or another. The end result is usually a lack of self-worth, self-esteem, a need for validation from others, people-pleasing, depression, anxiety, and more. We of often don't know who we truly are afterward, when it's not dictated by someone else. This course was designed to help us break free from the chain someone else wrapped around us; holding us down and keeping us in mental & emotional turmoil. This 6-week series helps us dive into the healing process after experiencing an emotionally abusive relationship with a romantic partner, parent, friend, boss, or anyone else. It consists of 2-hour sessions that can be done on your own time (live schedule was one week apart) that each include discussion, guided journaling, pranayama (breathing), mindfulness, yoga asana class, and meditation. During these specifically curated sessions, we'll practice radical acceptance, learn about trauma-bonding, release self-blame, explore shadow work, release emotional blockages, learn to rebuild self-trust, and begin the process of taking our power back.

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